Mar 28, 2014


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Did a really quick heavy yet melodic trap/bounce bootleg of rich homie quan’s type of way with some help from the homies VASS! Worked on this nonstop over night, something different from my usual stuff but was feelin hip hop vibes so enjoy this free wan! Foxsky beatz

Mar 28, 2014



140 BPM hardstyle vibe bouncy madness approved by the dons victor niglio, etcetc, rell the soundbender, juyen sebulba, stoltenhoff, and more :) This was a collab with my friend Konec but he moved to college and I finished it on my own, out for free download now
put em up!


Mar 10, 2014
Feb 28, 2014
Feb 28, 2014


  1. Naser: ill teach you how to DJ and we can be a DJ duo
  2. Naser: make $1000 every week playing 2 club gigs on the weekend
  3. Me: can i just press play and dance instead
  4. Me: #turnt
  5. Naser: thats what i said
  6. Naser: DJ
  7. Me: LOL
Feb 25, 2014

cross your fingers ヽ( ★ω★)ノ

Feb 15, 2014

(via hazymess)

Feb 15, 2014


This tune is SiiiccckK… .

Feb 15, 2014
Feb 14, 2014

Today, the second of my best friend’s two ferrets passed away due to adrenal gland disease. Animals are a big part of my life and my connection with animals is a big part of who I am, so this is a tough time for me/us to say the least.

They were two of the cutest ferrets I’ve ever seen, and they lived an exciting, animated, and fun life full of dooking, stealing, stashing, and snugging. They’ll be missed dearly.

RIP Thor and Nova.

Feb 11, 2014

got first paycheck from mad decent

this is a surreal experience 4 me….. thank you guys so much

Feb 6, 2014
new tunes soon already supported by etc!etc! & rell the soundbender & more :)

new tunes soon already supported by etc!etc! & rell the soundbender & more :)

Feb 6, 2014


Feb 3, 2014

hi everyone

i pretty much abandoned/quit using tumblr quite a while ago

you can find me and talk to me more actively on twitter (@MrFoxsky), aside from very spur of the moment and more personal updates here

this year is already looking good for my music and I’m excited for the near future. I just finished two brand new songs, am finally recording singing vocals for a song I finished mid 2013, and am working with a rap vocalist later this week for another tune

all of these songs are in very unrelated “sub-genres”, if they fit in any genre category at all

i hope you like it all. they are all very different from the “classic” 100~115 BPM foxsky stuff but it is a lot more honest, personal, and meaningful to me (aside from the whip - that one took a lot out of me)

cheers everyone love you all

Dec 2, 2013

Hi friends

The last month has been a trying and stressful month for me, especially in regards to music and school. I’m nearing finals week of my last fall quarter in college, and I’ve been left with a mountain of writing and research to do to complete my courses. School has been relentless thus far and other unfortunate events (car issues, family, health emergencies, etc) have only done well to increase the level of stress in general. Despite the school business, music still maintains a large part of my attention and always occupies the greater portion of my mind. I’m sorry there haven’t been any big releases recently, but this isn’t always in my control. Waiting for vocals to get back to me for a song I completed about 6 months ago has been incredibly frustrating, and despite my attempts to find a replacement singer I have still not found anyone capable or willing to do the part. I am also waiting on more vocals for more recent songs, but these two are out of my control. Meanwhile, I aim to finish the several works in progress I have been working on in the downtime - in addition to HOPEFULLY releasing finished songs that don’t require any vocal work anymore. I’m really sorry about the delays - but I promise it has been even more upsetting, frustrating, and demoralizing to me, and I’m doing my best to get things out there.

I just returned back home from a family visit this past Thanksgiving weekend and I found it imperative I include you all in my thoughts. Thank you guys so much for the endless support and for sticking through with me all this time. This year has been a wild ride to say the very least and I’m honored to have you guys as companions. From having a few hundred followers to a few thousand and from self-released bootlegs to an single & remix EP on Mad Decent / Jeffrees, I’ve never been more proud to say I’m a producer and it’s all thanks to you. Without you, I wouldn’t be here and I definitely wouldn’t be in the same state of mind. 

I know this is poorly written, but I love you guys and hope you stick with me - I’m really excited to release some stuff I’ve worked hard on, and I hope you guys enjoy it. I think it’ll be a pleasant surprise :)

New music soon!! Cheers,


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